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As much as you may trust the people that you have given keys to your house, can you always trust the people that they know?

With the best will in the world, the neighbour that feeds your cat while you are away may take their eyes off your keys, allowing a casual visitor to have a new copy made and return the original while they are none the wiser.

With Brights Locksmith’s Restricted Key Service, you can be confident that this won't happen. You get to control the number of keys in existence for your home or office. Your signature is held on file here at our security centre, and unless that signature is matched by anyone requesting a duplicate key, it will not be cut.

Complete key control

Take complete control over the access to your property or premises with our keying alike and restricted key service. Both services can be implemented solely or as a joint venture to control the number of keys in existence and also to ensure that nobody can get keys copied without your authorization.

Keying Alike

At Brights Locksmiths, we provide a key service for businesses which is second to none. To cut down the number of keys in circulation, you will benefit from a suite of master keys and locks.

Our keying alike service matches your locks to your keys. This results in the need for less keys to your premises in circulation.

This can also offer a great cost saving if one set of keys are lost, greatly reducing the number of keys that need to be replaced.

“Just had Brightslocksmiths round to fit a safe and change some locks. cannot recommend this company enough. Fast Friendly service , professional attitude and advice. Will be telling all my family and friends to use Brights locksmiths. Thanks Brights”
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Enhance your security with keying alike from Brights Locksmiths in Southend-on-Sea.
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