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LET Brights Locksmiths take care of all your vehicle security needs

When it comes to vehicle security, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost or broken your key, want a spare, need to change your locks or add some more; we’ve got it covered! You’ll be pleased to know that we cover all vehicle types from mobility scooters, motorbikes, commercial/industrial & most modern vehicles too.

If you’ve lost your keys, gaining entry to your vehicle with the minimum of fuss is one of our many specialities, so there’s no need to fret or worry, just call us as Essex’s most trusted Auto Locksmiths.


  • lost your keys?
  • locked out of your car?
  • broken your key?
  • keys stolen?
  • bought a new lock?
  • classic car keys worn out?
Too good to be true?  
No, just great customer service

Back up keys

If you’ve only got one car/vehicle key & you’re after a backup, no problem! We can duplicate your key & program them into your vehicle too & 99% of the time, we’re a dam sight cheaper than the main dealerships. 
Car keys - Classic & New - Cut to code – Copied – Cloned & Programmed into the car with diagnostics and if you are locked out, we can also gain access to your vehicle if you have a total loss of keys.

Total loss of keys

What if you’ve completely lost your keys? Don’t worry, we can gain access to any vehicle, cut the keys and program them to fit your vehicle.

Broken keys

What if you’ve broken your key? If it’s stuck in the lock, NO PROBLEM. If you got both pieces, NO PROBLEM. Brights can cut you a new key from both pieces & transfer the transponder (chip) if needed to the new key. If you have broken your key in the lock, we can remove the broken piece 90% of the time and cut you a new key.  

Worn out locks

We can even make new locks fit your old keys then fit the new lock to your vehicle, supply & programme remote keys to your vehicle too. 

What if my cars a Classic vehicle?

No problem, we’ve got hundreds of classic car key ‘blanks’ in stock but can also cut keys to a number for old classic and new cars.


Lost your car keys? Get in touch Brights Locksmiths for all your vehicle security needs.
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